ho hum. a new school year.
HCHS without a wilner is comparable to...

a key without a lock?
peaches without cream?
bert without ernie?
crabbe without goyle?
live without journal?

(any slightly more creative/original analogies would be very much appreciated)
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Joe is...
slightly clammy high-fives in the junior hallway,
hard liquor that tastes of dirty laundry,
smoking weed seven times a day,
fake tits and looking good with them,
the brother to a woman I'm extremely attracted to,
the spirit of New Hampshire,
a little immoral,
terribly funny,
the son of a woman I'm extremely attracted to,
quite pale,
black coffee incarnate,
our next great American writer,
a European blend,
great in bed,
a dog-fucker,
stylish and in a band,
like a well-crafted saxaphone, begging to be played,
quick with words,
a little bit anorexic.

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is joe more CLEVER or SEXY?

he says stuff like this:

ALYSSA: hey--whats the icy log?
JOE: Well, it's fallen timber on which a layer of frozen water has developed.

but he looks like this:


ooooh what a hottie

two years ago, i searched through the screen names that had logged into my brother's AIM in order to retrieve the screen name of our dear joseph wilner. when i found out he blocked everyone not on his buddylist, i was distraught. it was only once i had left a post-it saying that he only owned four shirts on the screen, that he took a stand and replied on a new post it, calling me a poseur. we've been biffers ever since.